Quality first!

Thanks to its seventy years of expertise, the company is a national excellence in quality, safety and environmental protection.

Tank and industrial cleaning

Sepor is able to provide a wide range of services for the reclamation of tanks. The company has the expertise, equipment and experience to ensure its customers the very best results regardless of the tank’s characteristics…

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Tank cleaning on ships and yachts

The company offers its customers a 360° service, ranging from cleaning of on-board tanks to the collection of contaminated water, both by land with its vacuum and tanker trucks and by sea, with its barges…

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Waste management

Sepor is able to support its clients in all phases of waste management, from characterization analysis to disposal or recovery.

The company is equipped with vehicles and boats for the collection and transport of waste by land and sea…

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Oil spill response

Sepor’s land and sea oil spill response is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To carry out the maritime oil spill response, Sepor uses sophisticated ecological Re-Oil boats designed by the company itself…

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Cold cutting services

The Sepor team is able to perform cold cutting services on tanks, pipelines, columns, refinery plants, naval units…

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